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Competitive and efficient program designs win grant awards. We provide consulting support for individuals or teams as they build their program and project ideas. This development process is a critical step prior to drafting a grant proposal.

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The Grants
Clearinghouse Advantage

Our team utilizes data and research to align organizations with federal award opportunities and helps you identify your competitive advantage.

Our Approach


Checklist of Requirements

Our Checklist Tool ensures you have met the basic requirements needed to apply for federal grants.

Readiness Assessment

We provide you with the means to conduct a self-assessment of your project readiness.

TGC’s Project Preparation System

We use our proprietary approach to ensure you have all the elements needed to win a federal grant award.

Research and Coaching

Finding the Right Opportunity

We conduct research and monitor ongoing federal agency notices to identify grant funding opportunities aligned to your organizational and project goals.

Building Staff Capacity

We increase your capacity to prepare for grant awards while also supporting staff with professional development and coaching.

Get In Touch

To get in touch with us, please complete our form, and rest assured that we will respond promptly within 1-2 business days. Our business hours are aligned with the eastern time zone, operating from 9am to 4pm.