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You’ve worked hard to prepare for this moment. However, writing competitive grant proposals is stressful with lots to do under challenging deadlines. We help you with the project design, the budgets, partnership letters, and other components needed to submit a full application to the funder.

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Grant writing is really project development. We work actively with our clients to translate and align project goals and objectives to the funder’s announcement requirements. TGC grant writers have worked for federal and state agencies, giving us unique perspectives on successful approaches. TGC grant writers have won over $300 million in federal awards and counting!

Our Approach

“What?” and “How?”

Winning proposals describe “what” they are trying to accomplish, and more importantly “how” they will accomplish the activities outlined in the proposal.

The “Secret Sauce”

TGC has a proven approach to grant writing that works across a host of federal and state agencies.

Strong Network of Writers

We utilize a network of grant writers that serve as an extension of your organization’s staff—we enhance your capacity to submit more grant applications and receive funding.

Recent Success

Northeast State Community College Awarded $1.6 Million DOL SCC2 Grant

TGC wrote the winning Round 2 Strengthening Community Colleges Training Grant award for Northeast State Community College—one of only six single institution awards. The project focuses on building the college’s capacity to provide cybersecurity skills training to first generation colleges students, low income residents, and students of color, improving earnings and social mobility for the region’s residents.

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