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The Grants Clearinghouse has a team of experienced evaluators who employ various evaluation methods and techniques to monitor performance and provide continuous feedback. We do more than just evaluate and report results—we are invested in your success as project partners. Our approach provides you with continuous improvement aligned to technical assistance and ongoing feedback, giving grant staff the confidence that they are accomplishing the project’s goals and objectives.

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We don’t wait for data to come to us. We work with you to understand your project’s goals and objectives and create an evaluation design focused on what you need to know and report throughout the project period. Our “dynamic” approach to evaluation means we interact and partner with staff to incorporate continuous improvement feedback and undertake meaningful analysis needed for federal monitoring, audits, or reports.

Our Approach

Program Fidelity

We provide support to program staff to ensure program implementation fidelity and that the evaluation adequately documents successes, challenges, and program adjustments.

Evaluation Design

We develop the evaluation design tailored for your project—including outcomes and implementation designs.

Logic Models

We develop or refine logic models to capture the key elements of the project design and inform the evolution of the project.

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To get in touch with us, please complete our form, and rest assured that we will respond promptly within 1-2 business days. Our business hours are aligned with the eastern time zone, operating from 9am to 4pm.