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Federal agencies require ever-increasing reporting, results, and responsiveness. These three “r’s” can create a “compliance” mindset where grant staff feel mired in bureaucracy and lose focus on meeting strategic objectives. TGC Coaches provide streamlined technical assistance with proven results—federal monitoring reports with no findings, immediate improvements in grant outcomes, and continuous improvement methods—to name a few of the ways we help.

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TGC Coaches have a proven track record of partnering with organizations to provide solutions to grant management issues. We don’t just “point” you to a federal regulation and tell you to read it—we provide the answers you are looking for, and we respond immediately—not days or weeks later. We can actually help staff your project if you are having trouble finding qualified personnel.

Our Approach

Ongoing Technical Assistance

We are available on an ongoing basis to help you when you need it.

Interim or Permanent Staffing

We can contract to fill any number of grant staff positions—from Project Director to Data Analyst—on an interim or ongoing basis depending on your needs.

Monitoring / Auditing Preparation

We help you prepare for federal monitoring or auditing.

Performance Reporting Support

We help you capture the good practices, results, and outcomes of your project.

Recent Success

West Virginia Apprenticeships in Motion (AIM) Improves Performance By Over 400%

TGC led the WV AIM U.S. Department of Labor project through a program restructuring by developing new subrecipient agreements, engaging more partners, and mentoring project leadership. As a result, in less than one year, the WV AIM project closed all monitoring findings, had an “at-risk” designation lifited, and increased the number of participants from 72 to over 800. Most importantly, community college partners are engaged and driving success and innovation in implementing West Virginia’s “Learn and Earn” model.

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To get in touch with us, please complete our form, and rest assured that we will respond promptly within 1-2 business days. Our business hours are aligned with the eastern time zone, operating from 9am to 4pm.